The Politics of Memory

Gentrification is a violence; whether direct, or indirect, displacement dislocation and the ensuing policing are malevolent forces enacted by capitalism to perpetuate the ranks of disenfranchised laborers. It’s a process which uproots individuals and results in a resounding lack of community connectivity. It causes strife and trauma for families, and interacts with various other traumas to produce a variably painful home environment.

This project is an ongoing attempt at creating some kind of comprehensive image of the personal struggles of gentrification; the intimate relationships we have to our homes, and how they are broken down by forced relocation. It’s a body of images made with various subjects who have experienced dislocation and gentrification in Tucson, and it traces a number of interwoven narratives. Nearly all of the locations pictured are directly tied to the stories of these people; I traveled their neighborhoods and former neighborhoods documenting and collecting pieces of information about the significance of each location.