My name is Maxwell Lukas Mijnlieff Gay and I am a visual artist from Tucson, Arizona. I primarily work in photography and video, but my art practice also includes printmaking, graphic design, appropriated imagery, sound art, digital new media, and extended/combined media. My practice is focused on unpacking personal identity and experience in the social context of environment, systems, and shared realities of my community. I am interested in creative documentary as a response to my coming of age in the crumbling of late capitalism, the post 9/11 era and the southwest. I believe artists are granted social permissions to transgress linear modes of thinking and thereby have the opportunity to make deep social change. I make work about crime, surveillance, addiction, gentrification, and the detritus of consumerism. For me, the purpose of art-making is the reevaluation and deconstruction of oppressive systems, displacement, violence, and injustice.

My work has been published in the 20th anniversary edition of You are Here; the Unversity of Arizona’s Journal of Creative Geography, as well as in a zine published by Ojalá. I am also a co-founder of Ojalá, a cooperative of artists, criminals, and digital revolutionaries. Their work can be found at I’ve designed and built installations at Rolling Loud, and Tucson Hip Hop Festival, and been included in two group shows at the University of Arizona. I am currently working on another chapbook manuscript, and a solo exhibition.

If you’re interested in having photographs or a piece of work commissioned, or purchasing prints, my email is