Maxwell Lukas Mijnlieff Gay is a photographer from La Tusa, Arizona, who practices new media art-making as an investigative process. For Maxwell, art is not a career, it’s a way of being; art-making is an act of self-preservation, it serves as a defense from oppressive ideologies and pedagogy. Maxwell is mostly interested in attempts to capture fragments of the complicated intersections of history and the contemporary moment.  His work focuses on using artwork as a lens for the telling of his own story, and the conjunction of that story and the narratives of his community, neighborhood and globalized nation. Much of Maxwell’s interest is in exploring divers ways to communicate and perceive ideas, and as a result he often works with combinations of techniques and media.

Maxwell is also a co-founder of Ojalá, a cooperative of artists, criminals, and digital revolutionaries. Their work can be found at

If you’re interested in having photographs or a piece of work commissioned, or purchasing prints, hit Maxwell’s line at